In my last post I said I was going to decide what to plant, but thought I should go over the soil mixture I used.  In my first post I listed the shopping list and mentioned you need 5 cu ft of compost mix along with 1 4 cu ft bag of vermicculite and 2.2 cu ft of peat moss.

I went with:

2 bags of Altum’s soil amendment
1 bag of mushroom compost
1 bag of organic garden soil amendment.

I read in The All New Square Foot Gardening book to lay a tarp on the ground and dump your soil on there to mix but I found this not as easy as it sounds.  I would recommend mixing in your raised bed.

I used a pitch fork to mix it all up.  Ready for some seeds!  Until next time…

1 bale peat moss, 2 bags soil amendment, 1 bag organic garden soil amendment and 1 bag vermicculite

Mixing everything together- vermicculite, 5 cu ft of compost material and 2.2 cu ft of peat moss

Mix it all up with a pitch fork!

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