Check another project off your list because Altum’s delivers and plants trees, shrubs and perennials. You can order your trees, shrubs and perennial grasses online at and choose delivery and planting services at checkout.

Maybe a trip to the garden center and an afternoon spent working in the yard isn’t in the cards. Because, life. For those times, we offer expert hand delivery, planting services using our soil amendment and mulch, plus a 3-year warranty. Yes, really.

When We Plant

You can expect that we will stake the spot where your tree will be planted, taking into account its full, mature size, exposure, moisture and more. We’ll take care of calling before we dig and identifying utilities, including invisible fencing and irrigation.

Our crew will add our own essential organic material as well as fertilizer when we plant for you and will finish off with a neatly mulched area.

Our full 3-Year Warranty provides a one-time replacement on every tree and shrub we plant for you. We’ll also provide a one-year warranty on every tree, shrub and perennial you plant below ground level (this does not apply to plants in containers).

Cross It Off Your List

We know how busy you are. And that you could plant for yourself. But sometimes it’s nice to have the experts handle it for you and for you to get back to enjoying your evening or weekend.

If you’d like to cross one more thing off your to do list this spring, summer or fall, let us know how we can help.

6 responses to “We deliver & plant!”

  1. Pat Ehrlich says:

    I know that I want a Ruby Slippers Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea, and a dwarf fothergilla. I can be patient if I need to wait till next spring. When is the best time to plant these plants? These would be going in my front yard. If you deliver and plant these, how much lead time does Altums need to schedule this? Thanks! I leave in Frankfort, Indiana.

  2. Michelle Herndon says:

    I would like to get an estimate, I have an idea of what I want to do but need a cost/estimate.

  3. Tom says:

    Do you have a pricing list for planting services?

    • karen thacker says:

      Our planting charge is typically 70% of the retail price with a minimum of $75 which includes soil amendment, fertilizer and mulch material only. Any additional work requested will be estimated on an as need basis.

  4. Delma Mindel says:

    I’d like to get bags of dark brown mulch, rather than a big pile of mulch. Do you carry and deliver mulch in bags? Annuals. Do you have any violas?
    Thank you!

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