Why Workshops Are The New Brunch with Friends

This is not a tradeshow workshop where you’ll fight to stay awake. It’s not third period wood shop where someone roams the aisles inspecting your work. This might just be the best excuse you’ve found to get out of the house, see your friends and leave feeling lighter, brighter and like you’ve grown a little in the best possible way.

So if you’ve been wondering what to expect and how to sign up for your first (or fortieth) Altum’s workshop, here’s everything you need to know:

1) Check the Schedule

You can always hop online to our GOINGS ON section for our latest workshop schedule (Goings On/Workshops & Classes). You’ll find workshops listed by date and time, often with a photo and workshop description. You can also sign up for Altum’s emails to get really convenient reminders on the upcoming weekend workshops. A lot of our customers really like these because not only are they brief and timely, they often include Fresh In product shipments arriving the same weekend. So you’ll be first to know and grow. And every now and then, you’ll be privy to the savings that only come in email. You can sign up from the home page at Altums.com.

Most of our workshops happen on Saturdays. But to kick off spring and the holidays, we often add additional days and times.

You’ll see two types of workshops: free informational/instructional workshops that share basics on things like container gardening, cooking with herbs and pruning AND fee-based make & take workshops. Our Make & Takes are really popular and fill up fast because they give you a little guidance on how to get started, provide all the tools, plants, materials and space you need and the inspiration and fun to create something you’ll be proud to take home. Some of our most popular Make & Takes include mini succulent gardens and wreaths, terrariums, fairy gardens and holiday porch pots.

2) Register Online

It’s easy to register online. Next to the workshop you like, you’ll see a REGISTER NOW button. Click there to sign up, save your spot, even pay online if there is a materials fee.

3) Check the Description for What to Bring

Normally all you need to bring is yourself. But in rare cases, you may be invited to bring a container from home (an antique vessel for a terrarium, a container you want to use on your porch, etc.). We’ll make sure to list this in the workshop description. And if you forget, you can always pick up a great container at the garden center.


4) Come Comfy

Whatever that means for you, by all means make it happen. Let’s just say we’re not wearing our best shoes and we couldn’t care less about the kind of purse you’re carrying. Come as you are. You’re among friends.

5) Come with Friends

Speaking of which, bring your friends. It’s even more fun that way. Besides, when else do you have the chance to see a few friends, catch up and leave with something beautiful (besides memories)? We’ve hosted mother/daughter pairs, sisters, neighbors, roommates and friends.

People tell us this is better than brunch.


6) Be Serious About Having Fun

There is a lot of laughing that comes with creating. We have refreshments handy, we have our own space to create and we have plant experts leading the workshops who always come ready to dial up the fun.

If you’ve never described yourself as creative or crafty, workshops are for you. They really are. Probably even more so because this is a safe space to learn without judgment and without your goofs costing you a lot of money. We’ll be laughing with you, not at you.

7) Spend About An Hour with Us

Workshops normally last anywhere from 30 minutes for some free instructional workshops to an hour or so for most Make & Takes. That doesn’t always include the extra time you might want to take gathering additional materials from the garden center or experimenting with your creation. Take your time.


8) Stay Inspired

One of the great things about holding workshops at the garden center is that you have everything you need (and more) at your fingertips. So you never get to the end of your project and wish you had more to fill in a bit. Or if you’re feeling stuck, you can glance left and right for inspiration or walk the garden center for new color or texture combos, decorating ideas and so much more.

9) Leave A Little Happier

We don’t have enough time for the things we love to do, let alone things that don’t add joy to our lives. Research shows that being around plants and trees lowers our heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. And it’s no mystery that being around friends and in good company does the same.

The thing about creating and growing things is that we grow, too.

10) Come. Enjoy. Repeat.

This might just be the best thing you’ve done all week. Maybe all month. And we hope you’ll do it again. Please check the schedule online or register for email updates and reminders (we promise we won’t flood your inbox) at Altums.com.

We hope to see you for a workshop some time soon.

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