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7 Things That Might Change Your Mind About Where You Find Your Tree This Year

Word on the street and in the garden center is that the holidays come early this year. At least for those of us who get the warm and fuzzies from decorating. Which is most of us, right? Because even the people who don’t enjoy the endorphins that come with waving their magic wand over the house, enjoy the way it feels to be in the midst of it all.

We could all use the good cheer and we’re not afraid to find it—or create it—wherever we can. Enter the Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree. We’re ready for you.

But first, a few insider tips for how and why to add yours to the mix this year:


If this spring, summer and fall is any indication of how many people will turn to plants, trees and all things natural for comfort this year, the holidays will start early and strong.

So, for people who like a certain height and prefer to pick out the ‘perfect’ tree, we recommend choosing early. You can pre-order yours ahead of time, specify height and characteristics (extra full, tall and thin, more natural looking, etc.), and we’ll set the best-of-the-best aside for you.


Some people buy their Christmas tree from the same place they buy caulk and carpeting. We like to be the best at Christmas trees.

Bob Altum began selling fresh cut trees to his landscape customers more than 60 years ago. He sold upwards of 2,000 Scotch and White pines from tents around Indianapolis and Carmel. And now Bob’s daughter, Dana, and grandson, Kirk carry on the tradition in Zionsville, with hand-selected Fraser Firs fresh from North Carolina.


If you know, you know. Fraser Firs are one of the most fragrant, long-lasting Christmas trees you can find. Their strong, upturned branches are excellent for supporting ornaments and the needles won’t scratch your hands while decorating.


Don’t have room or the patience for a big, fresh Christmas tree? Try a mini Fraser. At just 3-4ft, our minis are manageable as a tabletop tree and adorable in your kids’ rooms or play room. Also great to let them decorate their tree without having to bite your tongue and worry about fragile ornaments.

Also, have you seen our Spruce Tops? Picture the very top 2-3ft, 3-4ft or 4-5ft of a Spruce, ready for your porch pots or an indoor basket or galvanized bucket (with sand, soil or stones to anchor it). If using indoors, we recommend Wilt Stop to keep it fresh.


Some people think cutting down trees for Christmas is harmful to the environment, but it’s actually the opposite. Christmas trees are grown as a sustainable crop. When one is harvested (approximately every seven years), one or more is planted in its place. And while they’re growing, they clean our air and make it easier to breathe.


When you buy a real Christmas tree from Altum’s, you’re not only buying from a local business and member of our community, you’re supporting family farms around the country.


Has it been the hassle of getting a tree home and in the house that’s kept you from getting a real tree? Well, we deliver to your door, into your home with set-up and we’ll even come back and remove and recycle your tree at the end of the season.


Any questions? Stop in, chat with us or call anytime. And happy holidays from our family to yours.  

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