The small things that make life easier, more beautiful and better aren’t that small

Plenty of people have containers on their porches. Many of them sit empty, like a beacon that we’re busy and a reminder of one more thing to do. We don’t just want to fill them up. We want to make it so easy to have pretty pots that the alternative seems silly. 

We know that having containers of plants and flowers on your porch and patio isn’t a basic need. It’s not something you need to survive. But it is something that turns surviving—the every-day business of living—into something special. And today, we’re convinced that is becoming more and more vital.

You’re not like anyone else. And the people, things, routines, habits and ideas you surround yourself with make your life yours. They have the power to lift you up, light you up, make life more beautiful, richer and fuller and inspire you to be your best self. You are not afraid to pay attention to the small things that make life more beautiful, and you know how much that matters.

We do, too. Which is why we’re going to make it so easy to have better, more beautiful pots and outdoor places. Our small part to play in helping you slow down a bit to relax, appreciate and create beautiful things. Because it matters.

So, what makes our Porch Pots so great?

1) We Do The Work.

We choose seasonal plants that hold up to Indiana weather, make sure we have enough to create a full, ample planting, plus rich potting soil and fertilizer that feeds your plants and makes them last longer.

You have clean hands and great style.

2) Our Designers Are Really Good.

We are biased, but you’ll see what we mean. These combos go way beyond basic and Big Box store, with uncommon plant varieties and touches.


3) Ultra Fresh.

Your Porch Pots are planted for you, then delivered. No warehouse and no transport on dark, crowded semis. Everything comes from talented and trusted local growers.

4) Planted Smart.

We plant every Porch Pot in recycled and recyclable fiber pots that break down naturally rather than sit in the landfill like plastic.

Jack's Classicote

5) We Deliver Free.

Spend $150 on anything and we deliver it all free. This means when you order two small 10” Porch Pots, we deliver free. And when you purchase a Porch Pot Membership, each seasonal pot (one each in spring, summer, fall and winter) is delivered free. Plus, anything else you order from Altum’s will be delivered with your pots, free.

6) The Porch Pot Membership.

Planted up fresh, delivered to your door, dropped into your containers and we’ll do it again next season. Start any time, one freshly planted seasonal pot for spring, summer, fall and winter, and we’ll take care of the timing.


Have questions? Reach out any time and tell us how we can help.  


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