Watering isn’t as much about how your plants look now as how well they will make it through winter

Well, add another notch in the belt of 2020—most of Indiana remains abnormally dry and under moderate drought conditions this fall.

A dry summer? Not that out of the ordinary. But a dry spell that is drawn out through fall can put your plants under a lot of stress going into winter.

And that’s not something you want when plants transpire (or lose moisture) continuously through winter. When the ground is frozen, plant roots are unable to take up water to replace the moisture they lose.


Dry and dying branches and worse, damaged buds. If dry conditions coincide with the time when most leaf and flower buds are developing, the damage will be done for next spring. There’s even a chance you can lose a tree, shrub or other perennial.


The solution is simple: water new plants (planted in the last year or two, especially) slowly but deeply every week or so until the ground freezes. Here’s a good resource. Keep an eye on established trees and perennials that might need a little boost as well.

Two more things we’ll be doing to help our plants: sprinkling on some Elements fertilizer, like a Pro-biotic Super Smoothie for your plant and adding a fresh layer of mulch to seal in the moisture.

Please let us know if you have any questions on how to help your trees, shrubs and plants recover, stay healthy and thrive. Email us, chat with us or call or stop in anytime.



  1. Judith Lawburg says:

    Helpful reminder for those who may not be aware of this need. More helpful would be details of how to water a tree, how much water to give them and the radius required to actually supply water to the root system. Thank you at Altums for your ongoing great job!

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