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photography PASS & policy


we have temporarily postponed issuing Altum’s Photo Passes and hosting photo sessions. Please check back soon and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest. 

We’d love to play host. To schedule a photo shoot, please read the following guidelines and send us a bit of information (see below).

By scheduling your photo shoot at Altum’s, you agree to the following procedures and guidelines:

  • Check in at the front desk to obtain your purchased photo pass. Photo passes are $50 and good for 6 months for a single photographer.
  • Be respectful of customer traffic and work activities.
  • Do not take photos of people without their permission.
  • Be mindful of restroom time should you need a changing area – we only have two.
  • Do not disturb displays of merchandise or plants.
  • Put items back where you found them.
  • Wear shoes and appropriate clothing at all times.
  • Do not climb ladders, stand on benches, display pieces and tables or ride on shopping carts.
  • Keep children in your sight at all times.
  • Keep animals on a leash at all times.
  • Please present photo subjects and material in a positive manner.
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • Be nice to the cats 🙂
  • Consider bringing something home with you–plants do make everything better.

Public images and social media

Venue credit and location tags are required for all digital images used on social media platforms, blog posts, websites and in print materials for distribution. You can easily find Altum’s on Facebook and Instagram.

INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK: Please tag @askaltums (for Instagram or Facebook) and use hashtag #plantsmakeeverythingbetter along with a location tag.

sharing images

When you’re in our space during your session, we ask that you take some photographs of our plants, flowers, pottery, etc and share 5-10 edited images with us. We would love to share those images on social and tag you, of course! We love to see how you capture our space 🙂

Hours and availability

Photo shoots must occur during regular business hours, with some exceptions during busy seasons and holidays. Sorry, no photo shoots on weekend days in April & May, and the first 2 weekends after Thanksgiving.