Welcome to the

Potting Bar at Altum’s

The Altum’s Potting Bar is a place where you can pot at your own pace, in your own space and we’ll clean up the mess. Everything you need is within reach, including soil by the scoop, flowers, grasses, mini shrubs, succulents, even veggies and herbs.

Who is The Potting Bar for and how does it work?

The Potting Bar is for you.

Seriously, there is no pedigree and no performance anxiety.
We have these simple steps posted to help you along the way, but we encourage free spirits:

  • START WITH A CONTAINER that fits the occasion, the environment and your style. BYOC or choose from classics and eclectic new arrivals
  • FILL WITH GOOD POTTING SOIL like our house-brewed custom blend by the scoop
  • MIX IN A DASH of Start’n’Grow fertilizer
  • ADD FLOWERS, HERBS & VEGGIES that are fresh and locally grown
  • GARNISH with decorative mulch or moss
  • MAKE IT YOURS with pot stakes that allow you to add color, texture or handwritten messages
  • GRAB A CART to check out and you can always ask for help to your car

When can I use it?

If Altum’s is open, The Potting Bar is open.

One note: Our popular Make & Take workshops are held at The Potting Bar most Saturday mornings and early afternoons in spring and fall. Join us for one! To learn more about the Make & Take schedule and sign up for something you like check here. For a little you-time zen, we’d recommend coming any other day or time.

What should I bring?

Just you and maybe a friend.

Possibly a photo from Pinterest or Instagram, but really just your imagination.
We’ll supply the tools, flowers and plants and you can choose from our handpicked selection of containers in all sizes and colors. Or you can bring yours from home.