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Have you shopped for groceries online yet? I had 20 minutes between appointments and projects yesterday and knew it wasn’t enough to run through the store and get back in time. But it was the perfect amount of time to check some boxes and hit send. A couple hours later, groceries were being loaded into my car and I was on my way. This is what we had in mind when we created our Altum’s Shopping List.

You’re busy

The Shopping (or Wish) List can be found and sent online. Add as many items as you like, indicate your preferred color, quantity and any other notes (e.g. alternate color, size, description if you don’t know the name, etc.). You can even choose to have your items delivered. Then hit send!

We’re ready

We’ll get to work running through your list, making recommendations if you don’t know a plant name and/or if we don’t have an exact match. Then we’ll email you a quote and convenient pick-up or delivery dates.

Now comes the fun part

If you’re picking up your goodies, give us a call from the parking lot and we’ll bring everything out and load it up. People have told us they love this when they have sleeping kids or pets in the car, it’s raining or they’re in kind of a hurry. Plus, why pass up a chance to have someone do something nice for you?

If you chose delivery, we’ll take care of everything and see you on the agreed upon day and time.


Use the Shopping Wish List for houseplants, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, even plant care products. Fill it out in your pajamas, in the carpool lane, on an airplane and always at your convenience.


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    Victoria California lilac

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