Here’s the thing: beautiful porch pots and containers can change the way your whole yard looks. Think about it. When you walk up to nice restaurants or cafes, they often have beautiful containers flanking the doorway. Because they want to make you feel welcome and to feel good when you enter. And you do! Cities will line their downtown area with large concrete planters, planted for the season, because it elevates the space, makes it friendlier and more approachable.

This is what containers can do for your porch, patio and landscape.

And here’s the best part: you can have beautiful containers without getting your hands dirty. No one needs to know you didn’t plant them yourself.

Custom Containers

Plants are personal. So meet with your plant designer to talk style, colors, plant varieties, size and sunlight. This is all about you. Your containers will be an expression of you and everything that makes you happy. We’ll call you when they’re ready and if you let us know you’re here, we can even bring them out to your car. You can also choose to have your custom containers hand delivered.

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Grab & Go Membership 

This is something fairly new that was created for people who don’t want to think about changing their containers out in spring and summer. We call it your spring and summer concierge service for people who love pretty containers, but don’t want to work so hard to have them.

Our designers create seasonal combinations of flowers in fiber pots that are ready to drop into your containers. And like magic, we’ll call you when the next season’s pot is ready. Just remove the previous season’s fiber pot and replace it with the new one. Easy as that. And the fiber pot is made of recycled, biodegradable material.

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Grab & Go Porch Pots 

Grab your pre-planted fiber pots, drop them into your containers (or find some new ones in the garden center) and go tell the world you did it yourself! Our designers are constantly creating new color and variety combinations for every season, so check online or, better yet, stop into the garden center for the best selection of fresh and fabulous creations.

Artisan Hanging Baskets

Oversized 16-inch baskets we handpick ourselves for a full, healthy habit. These are not the ones you’ll find crammed together in the big box stores. Come see for yourself, then hang them or drop them into containers or window boxes for instant impact.

Just Remember

Your plants need food, water and sunlight to be happy, just like you. Our favorite container food is Jack’s Petunia FeED. Use every 14 days for beautiful blooms.

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  1. I love your website! It makes me want to get up and visit your shop(s) immediately! The information is so helpful and educational. I am a professional landscaper and have visited many shops and websites, but Altum’s, by far, has been a fabulous go-to site! I cannot wait to visit!

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